Marie Ossenkopf

Robotics, Reinforcement Learning, Emergent Communication

Aiming for Embodied Communication

Well, you know about the Chinese Room Argument, right?

Imagine if, instead of a Chinese/Chinese dictionary, we give you a Chinese conversation partner to teach the language. You will benefit from interaction, empathy, and a shared goal. ➟ For an explanation on emergent communication check out this awesome text by Michael Noukhovitch

Do we want future Siri to just reproduce commands and reactions or to really communicate?  ➟ Learn more about my research

This was a long journey and I thank all of my wonderful supporters and supervisors!
I hadn't dared to dream of a Summa cum laude, but here it is. You can read it here open access. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start into the topic of emergent communication and understanding the deeper connection...

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